HELP!! BACK-ACNE strikes right before the wedding, award winning bacial treatment at My Cozy room to the rescue!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Been busy prepping for the wedding and just had our Guo Da Li yesterday, which was crazy tiring all in all because we both had to drive all over the place separately with our parents to deliver the cakes and invitations to our relatives, and gooooood it was such a hot day!

Perhaps the wedding nearing has made me a little nervous recently and my back started to have some breakouts despite being in pretty good condition the past couple years haha what a joke right! stress at work, no problem no breakouts on the back, wedding nearing and not super stressed in particular then when i need my back to look nice and smooth, then it breaks out. Damn you hormones!

So I was pretty relieved when My Cozy Room contacted me with an invite to drop by their adorable spa along Cairnhill for their award winning Bridal Detoxifying Bacial Treatment, it was awarded by Blissful Brides to being the Best Bridal Detoxifying Back Treatment.

I've came across My Cozy Room previously when i went for dinner at their downstairs Japanese grilled meat restaurant and was pretty impressed that they provided valet services for their customers, so thoughtful of them!

Was served a nice soothing cup of tea while Celine from My Cozy Room explained to me the procedure of this detoxifying bacial which last for a good 75mins, dying to try the treatment asap and get rid of my back breakouts! Don't want to don my pretty wedding gowns from TheGownWarehouse but end up having my guest distracted at my pimple-y back, eeek!

I'm sure all brides out there will have the same concerns! Worried about not looking "flawless" enough etc. I used to have pretty bad back-acne when i was in my teens/late teens and I always feel a tad conscious about my back when I wear any tops that show my back or like when i'm in a bikini but I used to go for frequent bacials and eventually it got better and when I was about 21 or so it went away and never was an issue for me anymore till recently! ):

With the pretty boss Celine, she's so crazy adorable right!
LOL! She said cos i'm a to-be-bride so I should wear a tiara! *shy*

The bacial I went for back then was pretty basic, extractions and exfoilation and mask. So I was sold on this treatment when Celine explained to me the procedure of the award winning Detoxifying Bacial at My Cozy Room:

After the therapist analyse my skin, she would determine which products to use (they use internationally known brand - BABOR in their treatments and I know for a fact that their ampoules are really effective!)

Followed by this 8 essential steps:
  • Deep pore cleansing
  • Steaming
  • A gentle but through extractions
  • Sparkling diamond peel therapy
  • Application of tonic 
  • Relaxing back and shoulder massage
  • Eifelfango Volcanic Masque
and finished with application of toner and lotion!

I was ready for my treatment so my therapist led me to one of their treatment room, I love the look and feel of the entire spa! So princessy and floral details and crystal chandeliers everywhere, the first thing i thought to myself was - Esther would love this place!

The Treatment:

OMG. JUST. FREAKING. LOOK. AT. MY. BACK!!! This is prior to the treatment.
The breakouts were soooo bad, can you imagine me in my wedding gown and with a back like this? )':

The Sparkling diamond peel therapy was done using a machine with a diamond tip exfoilating and removing all the dead skin cells and brightening skin overall because i have uneven skintone and some pimple marks as well

I used to remember how i would be grabbing on the treatment bed's linen when i go for my bacials at the other beauty salon because the extractions always hurts so much but the therapist was really professional and definitely know what she's doing obviously because extraction was a breeeeeeeze! It was so painless I almost dozed off a couple times! Hahaha and it's not even like i'm freaking tired or anything, it was just such a comfortable environment.

The therapist using high frequency to kill bacteria and minimise any infection after the extraction.

And wow the back and head massage was so invigorating! I've been doing some workouts and it soooo nice to have my sore muscles kneaded and massaged.

My pampering bacial also consist of a Eifelfango Volcanic mask which is a natural mineral clay from Eifel, a Volcanic region near Aachen which flushes out impurifies and detoxifies the skin cells while promoting metabolic processes in the cells for softer, brighter, healthier skin!

I had my final gown fitting the week after and look! The breakout on my back was gone and it looks sooooo much brighter and smoother, even the pimples marks are lighter as compared to before. 

Not so worried about wearing my back-baring tea ceremony cheongsums and wedding gowns now, thank god for bacials!

Counting down 26 days to the wedding! Damn, time flies!


You can try the above Bridal Detoxifying Bacial Treatment (75 mins) at a special price of $59 (U.P $198)!

If you feel that you have a more serious back acne problem, you can go for this option:
Bridal Sparkling Diamond Bacial Treatment (90 mins)at a special price of $99 (U.P $298)!

  Call 6732 0030 to make your appointment and quote “TheLuckiestChick” to redeem the above exclusive promotional price!

My Cozy Room Boutique Spa

56A Carinhill Road, Singapore 229667

♡ Love, TheLuckiestChick.


Kaitlynn said...

really admire how you're so accepting of your own body that you're not embarking on crazy diets to lose weight for your wedding. big and proud! you go girl!

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